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Welcome to the family Golf Digest of Charlotte readers & BBB Accreditation!

Hello again! I hope everyone has changed their filters since the last time I posted. I know, I know, I missed you in March and April is wrapping up. We all know what that means…the heat and humidity is on the way!

I’ve been busy scheduling and completing spring tune ups already. If you haven’t had your equipment cleaned before, haven’t scheduled your spring cleaning for this season or have questions about the spring tune up process, call/text/email and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have with regards to the spring tune up.

Epps HVAC Company has recently been recognized and accredited by the Better Business Bureau serving the Southern Piedmont and Western NC. This is very exciting to be recognized by the BBB as a company that people are calling to find out more information about. That means the word is getting out that Epps HVAC Company is becoming a buzz worthy contractor and people are looking us up! Thank you all so much for the continued support and word of mouth recommendations you provide for me. Becoming accredited by the BBB consisted of an interview with the BBB, required state licensing verification by the BBB and a background check to make sure there had been no prior complaints against my business. Getting this accreditation helps keep Epps HVAC Company accountable in making sure we keep customer service and satisfaction as a top priority.

The BBB accreditation process completed at a perfect time, as Epps HVAC Company is set to welcome the Golf Digest of Charlotte readers into family! Epps HVAC Company is proud to partner with Golf Digest of Charlotte, to provide Comfort Through Education to their readers. Be on the lookout for the most recent copy mailed to members just last month that includes some great information about Epps HVAC Company and some money saving coupons should you find yourself in need of an HVAC repair in the future! Thank you Golf Digest of Charlotte for making Epps HVAC Company the 2024 preferred HVAC contractor for your readers! I look forward to serving them!

As the heat and humidity start to set in, as it inevitably will, please remember to be kind to your AC by changing the filter, washing the outdoor coil, clearing the drains, checking electrical components, take a static pressure reading and record your delta T. Super heat and sub cooling are great number to have as well. But, if you don’t feel comfortable gathering or maybe don’t quite know how to gather all of that information, don’t fret. That’s what I’m here for. Call (704) 917-9014 and ask about a spring tune up. #CYF

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