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We're expanding!

This has been quite the start to the year for Epps HVAC Company. From welcoming friends in our neighbor state to the south, meeting folks in neighborhoods all around Charlotte and helping the folks fix their nagging HVAC issues, other places just couldn't get quite right, we are super excited for the growth 2024 is going to offer our customers for service. For those that believe in maintenance, I see you and know that after years developing one of the best maintenance programs in the market, I am bringing those practices (with some improvements because it can always be better!) to you with a mindset of education. I live comfort through education. Just ask anyone that comes to me with a question about HVAC. Many times they get an extended answer, because thats how passionate I am about this industry and passionate I am about taking care of those who have trust me to do so. If you are looking for maintenance I have limited openings available in the program. Call me today to get signed up and booked before these spots fill up!.

Some of you may be checking into the blogs for the first time, awesome! I welcome you to join our family of folks who want to learn about their homes HVAC. If you do not want to learn, thats ok too. Just know you've got a company on your side who has spent a decade and half (and still going) learning the industry, studying, reading, asking questions, taking classes and reading some more to make sure that if I don't know the answer to your questions I can start to ask the right people in the right places to find the information we need. When I used to train technicians full time my mantra to them was always that we did not need to know everything. We just needed to know where we could find the information. But, for those who have the questions, know the Epps HVAC Company has the answers, and we are here to help when you need it.

This year, growth has led to some new opportunities to reach new folks. Some neighborhoods will start to see some good old fashioned door hangers showing up in your neighborhoods. Don't worry, I won't be knocking on doors. Although, if I see you outside while I am putting them out I may stop to introduce myself and say hello. The flyers all have a coupon on them to help save some money when you call Epps HVAC Company for an $89.00 diagnostic. This upcoming year when you need a new HVAC Contractor, need to replace your current contractor, want to shop for a cheaper price on repair or replacement, I want you to know I am here and ready to help you. This week I passed out door hangers in the Woodford Green, Arlington, Coulwood, Harwood Lane and Mountain Island neighborhoods of Charlotte. I also visited the Catawba Hills, Bethesda Oaks and Cramer Woods neighborhoods in Gastonia. If you haven't seen me, our flyers and coupons yet don't worry, I am only a phone call away. I will be in more neighborhoods coming up but in the meantime if you need me call at (704) 917-9014. Welcome to our new friends and neighbors. I look forward to meeting and helping many of you with comfort through education. CYF! Cheers!

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