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Welcome to Epps HVAC!

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Hello and welcome to Epps HVAC Company! I am the owner Eric Epps and I am happy you're here! I look forward to growing in the Charlotte NC market by helping people solve their HVAC system, comfort and IAQ needs.

I believe in comfort through education. Having received my Associates Degree in Heating and Air conditioning Technologies from CPCC, I became much more comfortable with HVAC the further I took my education. In this industry the more you know, the further you can go.

During my 15 years in the industry I have learned that most customers like to be educated about their HVAC system and it's operations. At Epps HVAC Company, that's exactly what we enjoy doing. There is no such thing as a silly question and I am always happy to answer questions from customers.

Check back often on our blog as I will include real questions, from real customers, with real answers and solutions to their problems. I will share helpful tips, videos and how to's that can help homeowners gain comfort through education.

If you have a question about your own HVAC system or a general HVAC questions please feel free to fill out a contact form, found on the website, and who knows, you may be the subject of our next blog! Cheers everyone.

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